Dental Emergencies

When an emergency arises our main goal is to get you out of pain, and to take care of infection if this is the cause of the problem. We do our best to respond to your needs promptly because we understand how difficult it can be to function with pain. If an emergency arises when our office is closed and you are already a patient with us, please call the office and follow the instructions on the answering machine.

Responding to emergencies after hours is limited to existing Main Street Family Dental patients only.

Sometimes it is difficult to decide if a situation requires emergency treatment. Here are some guidelines.

  • if there is acute trauma such as a fall or blow to the teeth
  • if there is blood from around the tooth, from within the tooth severe pain or mobility or loss of teeth this is an emergency
  • if a tooth is chipped or broken
  • if there is blood from the tooth, throbbing pain or the broken edges of the tooth are causing laceration of the cheek or tongue this is an emergency
  • if there is no pain this can wait until the next business day
  • if there is pain or swelling of the gums around a tooth, swelling of the face, difficulty opening the jaw or eye, or acute pain this is an emergency
  • if there is pus or exudate coming from a tooth or the gums this is an emergency
  • use common sense – if you are very concerned and feel you need immediate help, please contact us